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Floor Repairs

Uneven, damaged or slippery floors cause thousands of injuries each year, in fact nearly 20% of injuries were caused by slips, trips and falls in 2017. The importance of the right type of floor, correctly fitted for the location and use should never be overlooked.

Many businesses have been sued by customers and employees who have suffered injuries because of poor flooring, as well as being issued fines for non-compliance by Environmental Health Officers. Serious harm can be caused by failing to ensure a safe workplace, we can assist you in complying with risk assessments and regulations. 

Some repairs, where the customer thinks it is time to renew through safety and look, has been repaired and lasted for another 2-10 years, even longer in some cases, therefore saving your business additional cost when it’s not required.
Nearly all floor coverings can be repaired and restored.  This includes vinyl, carpet tiles, carpet, thresholds in PVC or metal.  Sometimes, through heavy usage, certain repairs need another patch under the subfloor, from wood concrete or access floors and some of these methods have been gained through a long history of long forgotten methods and some newly tested techniques.


Carpet Repairs

Repairs are essential for the general life of a commercial carpet area.  Seams and thresholds are generally the most prone to require attention.  From a simple re-seaming of a carpet, sealing an edge or by patching, this can give the area essential length of life instead of a replacement.


Linoleum rubber and vinyl Repairs

Repairs to harder surfaces are required less frequently, however, where there is heavy footfall, movement, or water penetration this can create a weakening to certain areas.  This can be done with re-adhesion, patching and welding.  In some cases, we can provide a superficial covering to make the area safe for foot traffic without unsightliness which can be provided to keep an area open. 


Threshold Repairs

These areas are always prone to wear and tear.  From UPVC to metal, these divides always take erosion from footfall, trolley, and sack barrows which you will see in several commercial areas where they have repaired with tape to make the area safe.  We can provide new bars to repair and make good that area.


Pricing Guidelines

30cm square patch of vinyl repair from £120


Our Working Process for Repairs

1. Send us a photograph of the repair(s)

2. We will contact you to provide an estimate and discuss the repair(s) in more detail

3. We will confirm the date to carry out the repair(s)